Oct 18, 2009

Help Patrick Walk.......

In September 1995, when Patrick was fourteen months old, he and his mom were walking behind a parked car when the driver, who was arguing with his girlfriend, suddenly backed up, and ran over Patrick, pinning him under the car. The driver was un-insured. He suffered a C4-5 incomplete spinal cord injury, and was diagnosed as a quadriplegic. He is now 15 years old, and in high school. His goal is to become independent by the time he finishes high school, so he can go to college. A service dog is an integral part of that plan!
Patrick has been working with Pawsitive Teams, a local organization that trains and places service dogs with individuals that have disabilities. A very special dog named Kona has been selected for Patrick. The training is going well, and Kona has been taught very specific tasks that will help Patrick, such as taking his shoes off at bedtime, something Patrick isn't able to do on his own. In addition, Kona has been taught to retrieve items that Patrick drops, and many other tasks.
The actual out of pocket expenses for a highly trained service dog like Kona is thousands and thousands of dollars, but Pawsitive Teams charges $2,000 to their recipients. I would like to raise enough money for Patrick so he can achieve the independence he dreams of. I appreciate your interest, and support for helping to make this a paws-ability!
Patrick also enjoys surfing... something we have in common! So, when Kona isn't busy working... he's hanging out with me to learn how to tandem surf with Patrick! You can also find Patrick on the basketball court, rugby field, hockey rink, or ski slopes.
You can learn more about Patrick at Help Patrick Walk, or by visiting my other "Paw-abunga for Patrick" Page which has additional information about his injury, physical therapy, progress, surfing and more videos! The pictures and videos below will also highlight the tasks Kona performs for Patrick, as well as the partnership that has formed between them!

I had the Great JOY of being able to meet Patrick and Photograph him 2 weeks ago In Huntington Beach ...... please read his and Ricochets story and donate if you feel inclined to.

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