Aug 19, 2009

The Mayo clinic and Minnisotta

Last week Trevor had the opportunity to
finish up a study he started last summer with
the Mayo clinic . He was chossen out of 235
kids to be the 35 to go here and continue the
study. they were looking for what a healthy
high school picthers arm looks like. He got to
be all balled up which then made him into a 3d
stick figure which every ball ended up being a
point on his body . Pretty cool .........

Wendy making sure sensors are on tight

This is Wendy the one running the study

Us in front of the campus

We then took a hour drive to Amish country where we
visited a few farms and saw whatt hey do .

Trevor made some new friends along the way ....

We then visited teh Niagra caves and went
250 feet below the earths surface totally freaky
in a cool way

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